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Yet despite the more personalized coverage and more nuanced federal laws and recommendations, misconceptions persist and are pushed by media commentators, students, and sometimes schools themselves.

That doesn't just mean students and parents get bad information — it means assault survivors sometimes don't get the support they need and assailants are able to walk free or remain on campus, because they rely on these misconceptions to get away with their crimes.

talked to the experts, read the research, and looked at 17 of the biggest myths about sexual assault on college campuses.1. One familiar story of campus sexual assault goes like this: A young woman and a young man are at a party.

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They have sex — maybe she said no, or maybe not, but in any case, she regrets it the next day and feels like she was assaulted.

But he didn't mean it; it was all just a terrible miscommunication, and now the case is simply he said-she said. Even though that's a common narrative — and a common defense — it's rarely the reality.

In fact, research shows that 90 percent of campus rapists are repeat offenders, averaging nearly six victims apiece, and they often go undetected.

Men and women both understand social cues, including nonverbal indications that someone doesn't want to have sex.

Acquaintance rapists — the kind who are likely to be targeting fellow students on campus — have a very specific MO.

Those predatory men intentionally target women they perceive as vulnerable, and they often ply them with alcohol, sometimes until their victims pass out, and then they sexually assault them.They rely on the misconception that sexual assault is a miscommunication, a misunderstanding, a drunken mistake. Wearing revealing clothing makes you a target for harassment.Men always want sex and will do whatever they have to in order to get it.You can avoid rape if you don't walk alone at night and don't accept drinks from strangers. The tropes and supposed truisms about sexual assault are decades old, but that doesn't make them accurate.Sexual assault on college campuses is in the news more and more as an increasing number of students come forward to tell their stories, and as the Obama administration and the Department of Education pay more attention to the issue.

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