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Its just a matter of either people trying hard to look cool by having this outdated phone or people being smart and practical enough to a more updated phone for use I guess apple's big mistake is presenting the i Phone too early and making people wait for it to be released til next year! It won't be out Until the 20th of June and will be sold only in the US! where most of the people posting some of these ridiculous comments are probably from.. Even if this phone were to come out now, it would still take a little while before 3rd party softwares would be written.

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the phone will have 3g in europe and i'm gonna buy it like in a year when it's more advanced and will price could go down too..for those ppl who want a memory slot.. The software available for the iphone will only be made by apple and its partners(google,yahoo, EA, etc),and it will not be made by any third party developers as apple isn't encouraging them. this includes the model at launch and all future iterations which may include 3G, Gps, Better camera's, etc..

It runs on a stripped down version of Apple OSx, not the Mac computer version so do not expect to use Regular Mac programs on the Iphone.

It does not support symbian or symbian software and never will!

Eventually by the time it has been released most available phones probably had copied some of its WOW factors and people had totally forgot it. Let me clear some misconceptions people have here about the phone.

it's not even out yet so, i don't think u have a right to.! It'll take Apple years to catch Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

Sony Ericsson will have released another Walkman phone that will blitz the existing W950i and put in camera to boot. By the time they've finished messing about with this. i Phone will only launch in the US towards the end of June and a two-year contract with Cingular (American Telecom company) is an absolute must to put your hands on this beauty. and so like for informations how buy it or other good options. HOWEVER, the i Phone beats N95 in innovation and "coolness"! I'm waiting this 'legend' and others options and don't come, and when come is obsolet. We brazilian, unfortanelly, haven't acess to this technologics.

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