Couples therapy while dating jennifer love hewitt and john myers dating

When it comes to the , we help you see ways that you are subtly blaming and shaming yourself and/or your partner and to change these negative habits, so you can experience the growth and healing that a relationship has the potential to provide.We help you use the difficult times in your relationship to build more intimacy instead of eroding it.

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In addition, we work with couples who have different desires, who are experiencing sexless marriages, or who want to find new and exciting ways to enhance their sex lives. Take a moment and let yourself connect with how you want to feel in your relationship.

Feel the desire to be loved, appreciated, accepted, desired, supported, sexually satisfied, received, safe, choiceful, valued, seen and celebrated.

While we are told constantly by fairy tales, Hollywood and porn, that these things are just supposed to come to us because we fall in love, the truth is relationships require conscious attention and nurturing.

Our experiential, empathy-based, and body-based sex therapy and relationship coaching help couples attend to their relationship in a way that increases intimacy, communication, desire and pleasure.

As they learn more about each other, they find that there are differences in desires, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

These can be as simple as what kind of movies they want to watch and as complex as one partner wanting monogamy and the other wanting an open relationship.

There is often also a mismatch in people’s Hottest Sexual Movie.

We can help you have it all – open, communicative and balanced relationships in combination with passionate, fulfilling sexual connections.

So often we see women settling and shutting down or men going through their “mid-life crises,” because there is no room in the relationship for growth, change and an ongoing exploration of the mysteries of sex and love.

In our Sex Therapy and Relationship Coaching practice we see couples who are deeply entrenched in their Relationship Vortex: where they are constantly, but unconsciously, stepping on each others’ deepest wounds.

We help them resolve the vortex and increase intimacy so they can have a strong relationship foundation.

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