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They expect to participate in the conversation and to be actively involved in any event they attend.

Conference call leaders who fail to heed this advice often find the calls they lead to be frustrating.

Their participants tune out and answer emails, text, or play video games.

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If it was more than 50 percent, you are probably hogging the spotlight.

This often results from the belief that as the leader, you have to be the expert.

The problem with the old-fashioned “expert” model is that participants born in 1965 or later have no use for expertise.

Do you have background noise from cell phones or other sources on your call?

Do the participants on your call talk over each other? Each of these behaviors is symptomatic of the fact that you have not established a clear procedure for how your conference calls will be conducted.

To lead a great conference call, you must train your participants to be great participants.

For example, one of the quickest ways to eliminate much of the confusion on a conference call is to simply ask the participants to say their name first whenever they speak.

Conference calls are normally rated as one of the least efficient and most painful ways for people in organizations to communicate.

The reason is simple: until now there was no clear methodology that allowed conference call leaders to quickly spot and then easily correct what went wrong on their calls.


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