Dating games people play 2016 swesub bengt

I think he’s oversimplifying “engaging” to be honest.

Dating games people play 2016 swesub bengt

By purchasing “lures” via in-app purchasing, they hope to attract rare Pokémon, which in turn will attract tech-savvy candidates to their offices.

A long shot at best, and I’d be interested to see if they attract the IT talent they want, or like Aotea Square currently, will just fill the office up with spatially unaware Chinese people.

Similarly, A US blogger with a slight aversion to paragraphs suggested that by hanging around the Amazon offices chasing what I can only describe as hairless digital squirrels, he’d be able to engage with Java developers.

Before the year is out, there’ll be a Herald article about a couple marrying who met whilst capturing an AR pixelated Goblin in the Domain. In a similarly predictable fashion, countless recruitment blogs and Linked In click-bait fodder have and will be written with titles such as “10 things Pokémon GO taught us about Millennials”.

There will also be a meme set to “inspirational” stock photography claiming that the creator is 92 and went bankrupt 2 years ago, only to find success through “never giving up”.

There have been however, a few posts around the practical uses of Pokémon GO to source candidates.New Zealand’s own Chris South somewhat suggested there could be future opportunities for us millennial-candidate short recruiters.Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, and whether we like it or not, Pokémon GO is upon us.For those who haven’t seen the swarms of smartphone-clutching zombies schlepping around a town near you, Pokémon GO uses your phone to create an augmented reality where “trainers” (that’s you) can catch Pokémon placed in various locations.The downloads and usage stats have been insane, eclipsing Tinder, Twitter, and steamrolling pretty much every social channel in front of it.Even to google “Pokémon GO” you’ll need several days to deal with the deluge of lazy journalism covering players getting run over, Pokémon drinking games, Pokémon dating apps, Pokémon addiction, and even people charging you money to show you how to use a f*cking app.


  1. I think he’s oversimplifying “engaging” to be honest.

  2. Yes, there may be a talent pool in the vicinity, but what will his opening gambit be?

  3. “Hey mate, send me your CV and I’ll show you my Wigglytuff”.

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