Erin foster dating samantha ronson

Ronson, who grew up in New York City with Dexter-Jones and stepdad Mick Jones of Foreigner, set her sights on Venice Beach two years ago for its indie crowd—"an amazing cross-section of people: yuppies, gangsters, German tourists, beach rats, artists"—and decorated her three-story space (which she shares with bulldog, Cadillac) in what she calls "a gum-ball color scheme."The walls are white, but each bright piece of art has a story: Ronson commissioned a five-foot-tall abstract painting by L. graffiti giant Revok—"I told him to do whatever he wanted, just use pink"—and snagged three oil-drum-size Mad Cans by graphic artist Greg Mike after an Atlanta gig.

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Among New York night owls, it is said that just dropping the name Ronson is enough to get you past any velvet rope.

In the hypercool Ronson/Dexter- Jones clan—jewelry-designing matriarch Ann and her progeny: Grammy-winning neo-soul producer Mark, whimsical fashion designer Charlotte, model-muse Annabelle, and musician Alexander—34-year-old DJ Samantha Ronson has always been the most elusive (if, on occasion, most documented) member of the bunch.

But the tough-girl Us Weekly scowl Ronson perfected back when she was dating you know who is nowhere to be seen here in the likable, low-key woman who dwells in this prismatic Venice Beach, California, playhouse.

(Except, well, in the unmissable screen print propped against a wall: a composite of celebrity mug shots, Ronson's included—which she calls a reminder to "stay out of trouble.") "I'm like a big kid," Ronson says warmly, tugging at the sleeves of her traffic-cone-orange sweatshirt and looking up at the living room's two-story ceiling. " It's true: There's probably enough clearance for a backflip, but then where would she put the candy-pink pool table?

And despite Ronson's kiddie vices, which include all-night Call of Duty: Black Ops sessions on her Xbox 360, cheeseburgers from nearby Hinano Cafe, and a 400:1 sneaker-to-high-heel ratio (the stand-alone pair being cap-toe Chanel booties), she's certainly grown up since her paparazzi-dodging days.

(She and Erin Foster, an actress and comedy writer, just quietly ended what Ronson called a healthy relationship.)The clearest evidence is in Chasing the Reds, a collection of sweet-voiced, sunny rock songs she put out this spring on her label, Broken Toy Records.

She wrote the lyrics (most from old poems and diary entries) and uses Joni Mitchell–inspired metaphors to mask her subjects.

Decoding, as we've come to expect from Ronson, is up to us.

Sorry ladies, but this cutie might be off the market.

One Direction hunk Harry Styles was recently spotted picking out a gourd for the Halloween season alongside blond beauty Erin Foster, and what was initially considered to be just two pals hanging out at the pumpkin patch and gearing up for a festive holiday may actually be something a little more. News that the twosome have a romantic relationship going on right now, but adds that it's "nothing serious."The insider continues, "It's unlikely it will ever become serious, but they are casually dating whenever they are in the same place at the same time and it works for both of them." and once dated Samantha Ronson back in 2011, did have a successful trip, though.

The stars were photographed walking out together with a nice orange pumpkin in each of their possession.

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