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Their market research skills are complemented by hands-on business experience that allows them to quickly grasp their clients’ “big picture” objectives and issues and to ensure that the research addresses them as effectively as possible.Ariène is a native of Holland, whose people have always been world travelers – perhaps due to the perpetual cloud cover that is so characteristic of classic Dutch landscapes.Ariène honored the tradition of travel immediately after high-school, seeking sunnier days in Lyon, France, to study French (having already tackled German & English).

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Back in Holland, Master’s degree in hand, Ariène decided to once again escape the rainy low-lands, this time to join her soon-to-be husband in the high desert of Lubbock, TX.

After completing her MBA degree there, she moved back to Austin, where she obtained her first market research job as floor manager in a call center.

Managing over 100 interviewers gave Ariène a deep appreciation for data, as numbers proved to be more predictable than call center employees.

Hence, she moved to the design and analysis side of the business, working for several small to large full service market research firms in succession.

After 10 years of climbing the research ladder she found herself a Director spending a majority of her time managing employees rather than data, once again.

Ariène’s desire for more interaction with her projects and her family motivated her to found Dig Market Research with Ellen.

Ellen grew up in the Arizona desert, and her resulting passion for green grass and deciduous trees made Pennsylvania a natural choice for college.

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Dig Market Research, LLC was founded in 2006 by two seasoned market researchers with curiously similar pasts who left their native countries and moved across the Atlantic (in opposite directions! Each partner brings a wealth of experience to the company – the fruits of their combined 36 years of market research experience on both the vendor and client sides of the business.

They have designed, implemented and managed countless ranging from simple and local to extremely complex and international.

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