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on You Tube and a series of lifestyle pieces for Glam. The distraction is how we balance it with our personal life; how to shut it down is the great question.

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I grew up in Minnesota and am half-Norwegian, and it’s about damn time we get our day. A: Granite is stone; it’s nature; it’s gorgeous — but it’s overused. But I end up talking about life for everyone in the room. Q: What are design problems you consistently find in homes? HOME & GARDEN SHOW The Columbus Dispach Home & Garden Show, presented by Ohio Mulch, will run Saturday through Feb.

All the other stones are getting a chance to party, now that granite has stepped away from the punch bowl. A: I’m going to come with an artillery of what’s happening this year and the no-nos — what you should put away or sell. If your life has had a big renovation, then space should follow.

Marble is definitely replacing granite on multiple levels — soapstone as well.

The show — with 350 craftspeople and vendors, 12 gardens, two stages and plenty of demonstrations — will be open from 10 a.m.

Q: What are the big interior-design trends for 2015?

You have these big fields of absence, so whatever shows up in the room is meant to provide that pop of bright pink and green. You also see needlepoint; geometrics; those very simple diamond, tribal patterns and fringes; a lot of texture — and I love that: a lot of layering of textures — and accent colors; a lot of salmon; and mixed metals: brass, pewter, copper. Another issue is really thinking about who you are before you design a room.

You see all these braids, macrames, these patterns from Nordic countries. It’s taken centuries, and I couldn’t be more delighted — and, of course, white to balance it out. That’s the safe color, but no one’s favorite color is beige. We’ve overused it so much, it’s become like a uniform for homes; it doesn’t give any deep pleasure.

It’s the Nordic natural aesthetic, the absence of color. You’l l see black, or off-black, in exteriors; in living rooms, you’ll see it in ways you haven’t seen in years. A: The most common is just fear — fear of using color beyond beige. Our landscape has to cradle us, so what worked for you five years ago doesn’t work for you today.

Admission is at the door, for tickets bought online in advance with the promotional code LOWES.

We love the new collection of Genevieve Gorder party invitations at Pear Tree!

So when we went looking for fabulous summer party ideas, we started there and found plenty of inspiration. lime juice 5 tablespoons sugar 6 fresh strawberry slices, for garnish In a blender, combine the frozen strawberries, rum, lime juice and sugar.

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