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Too much boredom can work out our imagination, right?

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After battling with Stephanie Pratt in previous episodes and on Twitter, Lucy accused her boyfriend James Dunmore of lying to her face and ruining her birthday.

It’s not new to KPop that two singers could be linked to each other, especially if there’s some “proof” that netizens can use to hover around, some of it caught some artists on act and eventually have no choice but to reveal it, while other evidence stays as mere “proofs” made by delusional detectives. According to KPop Starz, the rumors about the two KPop stars possible romance suddenly became a hot gossip when a fan opened the topic with a “proof” that allegedly indicates that the pair is indeed seeing each other.

Lately, other victims of these “romantic” link emerged out of nowhere and it’s none other than Big Bang’s rapper Choi Seung Hyun a.k.a T. All KPop noted that it seems like this one netizen thinks that he/she has so much in his/her hands right now as she bluntly claim that the two stars are dating.

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There are many KPop or Hallyu stars who became targeted by these so-called detectives, there’re Kim Soo Hyun and Sohee, EXO member Kai and A Pink Bomi, G-Dragon, and Taeyeon…etc.

Scroll down for a map of all the locations, and see our Facebook album with pics of Emma Roberts and Evan Peters spotted in New Orleans here.

Enjoy our complete American Horror Story Coven: Location Guide.

EPISODE 1: BITCHCRAFT Miss Robicheaux’s Academy aka Buckner Mansion 1410 Jackson Ave.

in the Garden District The Buckner Mansion was built in 1856 by cotton magnate Henry S. The mansion was built to outdo his ex-business partner’s well-known Stanton Hall mansion in Natchez, Mississippi.

The Buckner Mansion has galleries on three sides, an amazing honeysuckle motif cast iron fence and a triple ballroom.

The mansion served as a home to the Buckner family until 1923, when the prestigious Soule Business School moved in.


  1. Too much boredom can work out our imagination, right?

  2. Moreover, the site pointed out that the so-called proof that this netizen presented came from each star’s Instagram account. P posted an image of a flower-styled chandelier where we get to see a view from his abode’s veranda, Jung, on the other hand, posted an image (seven months ago) of the view same as what the 28-year-old rapper and actor have and this made the netizen compare the two photos.

  3. The netizen allegedly discovered a big secret between the two as she figured out that Choi and Jung’s Instagram post are somewhat similar—and of course, here comes his/her conclusion, “the two are seeing each other! And guess what’s the alleged similarities of the two image…

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