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We should all play nicely with each other, respect our neighbors and the person in the next cubicle over, and avoid inciting anger.

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Sure, they may appear to be children in adult-sized bodies, but they still have the same needs as the rest of us: desire to be loved, accepted, and appreciated.

Some of the old-school sayings about teenagers' manners are the result of their frustration.

I've come to these conclusions about the old etiquette rules for teens: Adults Old-school rules of etiquette that apply to children and teens should also apply to adults.

We tell ourself we can just be ourselves and the magic that is meant to be will unfold.

You can sit around waiting for the unfolding or you can follow the rules and have a much higher success rate.

Rules have been around since the beginning but when I encountered this article in Parade magazine from 1938, I had to share.I remember the old sayings, "Children should be seen and not heard," and, "A gentleman should always remove his hat when he enters a room." Does either of these old rules still apply?In some cases, I think so, but they shouldn't be held too tightly, or the modern manners police will hold you in contempt of flexibility.When you think of the things your grandparents told you, consider the times.But remember that being respectful and nice never goes out of style.Children While I think that we can learn as much from children as we teach them, they still need to know that there are some manners and etiquette guidelines that they must follow to get along in the world.


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