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On this instalment however, my notes are bloody covered in them, mainly with the letters ‘AC’ (for ‘Alistair Campbell’) or ‘PM’ (for ‘Piers Morgan’) written inside them (although if you look at the picture you can see one involving ‘Everyone’ and one with just ‘PM’. Q2: Will extra academies make for a two tier education system?He was probably arguing with himself at that point). Q3: Why are both the Miliband’s and Balls now criticising the Iraq war?So apologies for some inevitable vagueness and condolences to anyone who has had the misfortune to converse with either of these individuals. Q4: What steps can the government take to stop backbenchers derailing the coalition?

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In The Blue Bit Of The Blue/Yellow Corner – John Redwood, weird looking poster boy for the Tory right and Welsh national anthem forgetter.

So, the Tories refused to send a front bencher up against Alistair Campbell.

Bad move Cammerclegg, as hell hath no fury like a Dimbers scorned (and muchly scorned was he) and just to drive the point home, they invited arch rightwing axe-grinder and bête noire of the Brave New World of Consensual Politics, John Redwood, instead.

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A slight caveat before we start: If you’re looking for detail, you’d better go the hell some place else because I couldn’t make heads nor tails of this episode, largely thanks to Campbell and Morgan turning it into a brawl rather than a debate.

To illustrate the point, take a look at a page from my notes (See Fig.

1): Now usually, I just about get the bulk of an episode down on paper, even when the panellist take it upon themselves to yap a lot.

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