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The shows themselves are well executed, if not a little safe.With the exception of there doesn’t seem to be a desire to transcend merely executing a show for pure entertainment’s sake and it doesn’t feel as though the majority of the pieces are able to create something new or, in other words, prevails is in its ability to draw the audience into the world of the characters and, consequently their dilemma, through the lens of a woodworking class, which treats us to a unique integration of audience participation.The use of real tools practically on stage is just dangerous enough to be exciting.

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My Big Fat Fresh Meat Review Brianna Mc Farlane When I walked into Pressed Café three years ago I wasn’t sure what to expect from the first ever Fresh Meat Theatre Festival.

What I got, however, was a demand from the local theatre scene.

They insist on being seen and being taken seriously. Since its inaugural year, Fresh Meat has housed twenty world premieres from local theatre companies and many of its alumni have gone on to create quite a stir within the community on a larger scale. Theatre and their 2013 Fresh Meat piece, The current mandate of the festival is to “support and showcase local theatre artists”, but for me the best and most impressive parts of this festival have always been about these artists pushing themselves and experimenting: trying out new things without being afraid to fail.

High risks have been known to yield high rewards at this festival and this year’s festival is no exception.

Further, through the way in which the piece uses metaphor and subtext, we are able to see the two brothers’ relationship degrade implicitly through the text rather than explicitly through actions or situations.

It was also nice to see the company incorporate the changeover time into their piece allowing the characters to gain some credibility as woodworkers by building their own set.

Most importantly, however, when combined with its exciting staging, appeals to a bigger picture.

While the first weekend of shows left me slightly underwhelmed (with the exception of one), weekend number two showcased three works that really knocked it out of the park and brought Fresh Meat to a whole other level.

(More on Weekend 2 to come shortly) The opening weekend of #freshmeat3 featured new and returning local companies Backpack Theatre, Cart Before the Horse, Forstner & Fillister, THUNK!

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