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The ‘Always Sunny’ gang is back with its 11th season, and it’s now the longest-running live-action comedy on cable.If you don’t know the show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” follows a group of degenerates who run a bar in South Philly. Don’t expect a long-running plot line in this comedy that feels more like a cartoon than anything else, except maybe the fact that Charlie is actually illiterate.In honor of this ridiculous television show, we asked TV critics and some random fans to weigh in on their favorite episodes of Always Sunny.

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The gang employs a therapist so they can air their grievances.

The ep also includes my favorite running joke of the series: Charlie’s illiteracy, which for some reason I always think is funny.

It’s Always Sunny is great because these are a group of people who not only refuse to be redeemed, but don’t understand why they have to be redeemed in the first place.

That’s how this episode ends, with the therapist traumatized and Gail the Snail salted out of the bar, and no one any better or than they were before.

But who needs personal betterment when you’ve got wine in a can?

Special shout out to “Sweet Dee is Dating a Retarded Person” for the best cold open in a show with a many amazing cold opens.The episode is known for introducing the Nightman phenomenon, but there is nothing funnier in the episode than Dee saying, “I’m definitely not dating a retarded person,” followed by the title card.” Danny De Vito’s Frank was introduced in the second season, mostly as a ratings gambit, but “The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention” is the perfect example of how much more of an asset he’d become since joining the cast.Pre-Paddy’s Pub crew days, Frank was, presumably, a regular suburbanite (minus some shady dealings in Vietnam).But in “The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention,” we see how depraved he actually is.He’s trying to bang his sister’s wife at a funeral, he’s a raging alcoholic, and most egregiously, he won’t play Night Crawlers with Charlie anymore.

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