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Hello everyone, Ever since we started making cases, one of our favorite features has been the Flex-Bay System.This thread has been created to give people a better understanding of how this unique system works.Almost every case on the market today has a fixed structure at the front of the case - maybe four or five 5.25" bays on top, a 3.5" bay below that and HDD cages below that. What the Flex-Bay System allows you to do is create your own personal layout for the front of the case.

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Along the inside of the Flex-Bays you will notice a series of guide pins that are used as reference points for each individual bay.

The Flex-Bay mounts have guide pin holes that are used to locate each device mount in the bay, and it is secured with thumbscrews from the front.

In the pictures below (using a SM8 case) you can see how a standard optical device mounts inside one of the Flex-Bays Hello everyone, Ever since we have been making cases one of our favorite features has been the Flex-Bay System.

120.3 - Uses 9-10 bays depending on radiator and placement.

120.4 – Uses 12-13 bays depending on radiator and placement.

Provision for 120mm fan, and fits up to 4 HDDs and up to 8 SSDs with optional SSD kits (not included). Shock mount screws (set of 16) and thumb screws are included.

Uses 3 bays Once all the Flex-Bay covers are removed a large open space is visible.

It consists of a series of 5.25’’ bays that are not only limited to 5.25’’ devices.

When all the covers are removed a single large open space is visible allowing the following Items to be mounted anywhere up or down the Flex-Bays: • Optical drives • Fan controllers • 120mm Fans • Bay reservoirs • 3.5’’ bay devices • Radiators • Bay reservoir/pump combos • HDDs and SSDs Allows for 120. Rubber bushings help to isolate vibration to the chassis.

There are three mounts available; 120.2, 120.3 and 120.4.

120.2 - Uses 7-8 bays depending on radiator and placement.

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